Ten street exercises

1. Anticipate. Shoot for a week using 1 second timer.

2. Study. Go to your favorite corner and watch for an afternoon without a camera. The next day take your camera.

3. Subvert. Shoot a street photograph that doesn’t look like a street photograph.

4. Value. After each shot, you must wait 5 minutes before shooting again.

5. Downsize. How small can you make something in the frame and have it still be the photo’s primary visual subject?

6. Eliminate. Avoid shooting yellow for one full day. Now blue. Now red. Now cars. Now wires.

7. Attention. Set timer to go off every 5 minutes throughout the day. At each timer alarm, make a photo wherever you are.

8. Rolling Stone. Every frame must capture an object or person in motion.

9. Habituate. In a public setting, hold camera viewfinder to your eye continuously for thirty minutes. Press shutter when meaningful.

10. Cause and effect. Use the camera to provoke a verbal reaction from a stranger.

by Blake Andrews via http://blakeandrews.blogspot.jp/2011/10/ten-street-exercises.html


~ by maracalinescu on November 14, 2012.

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