we sat enough, let’s run



~ by maracalinescu on February 13, 2013.

21 Responses to “we sat enough, let’s run”

  1. Excellent bw!! Wonderful pp!!

  2. Great photo! 🙂 Did you put the chairs like that, or they were already there? 😀 Anyway, great photo!

  3. Very well captured.

  4. great shot

  5. Do like the black and white – not being a photographer myself, I appreciate what people like you can do with a camera. All I’ve got is words, words, and more words.

  6. Fantastic shot

  7. Nice shot with a good title.

  8. As I live in Western Australia and almost never experience it, I LOVE snow. When I was in Paris in December 2010 and it snowed I wanted to shout and dance with joy. Honestly, I hadn’t felt so much like a child since I WAS a child. I walked around, absolutely freezing to death, but with a huge silly smile on my face. (By the end of the month I was ready to come back to the heat!!!)

  9. thanks, Mara, for the visit. nice images you have here.

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